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Alla base della lealtà al brand e del marketing word of mouth: due report di Research and Markets

Emotional Brand Loyalty - A RethinkEmotional brand loyalty is the holy grail of brand building. This report takes a fresh look at the emotional bases for loyalty and how best to leverage them.The study is relevant to anyone involved in managing brands or advising those who do. It is about emotional loyalty right across different brands and sectors. The report shows that emotional brand loyalty is a more complex phenomenon than simply customer care. Deep emotions lie buried within four main bases for loyalty:- Shared Values- Customer Care- Product Quality- Simplified DecisionsThe report identifies the emotional content within each of these four bases, building to an overall brand loyalty road map. Further sections look at the deep ideas underpinning loyalty, how loyalty is framed and demographic segmentation.MethodologyWe used ZMET ? the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique ? a patented method for qualitative deep dives into the minds of consumers. ZMET helps consumers surface thoughts and feelings that may otherwise remain hidden. Crucially, ZMET allows the consumer to define the agenda, making it an ideal technique for taking a fresh look at this issue. Results are based on 16two-and-a-half hour interviews with consumers aged 25-40, with personal incomes of at least ?25K per annum, who say they switch or complain if they are not happy with a brand or supplier.For a complete index of this report click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c26935Report Index:1. Introduction2. What we found . . . overallFour main bases for brand loyaltySo Where is Emotionally Driven Brand Loyalty?Emotional Loyalty3. What we found? in more detailSimplified decisions - basis for brand loyaltySimplified decisions - mental road mapProduct quality - basis for brand loyaltyEmotional elements of product qualityFeeling relaxed, having trustProduct quality - mental road mapCustomer care as a basis for brand loyaltyBusiness retrieval - playing with fire!Customer care and brand loyalty - mental road mapNegative brand loyalty - customer care mapShared values as a basis for brand loyaltyBrands as iconsBelonging - joining the tribeBrands that are admiredShared values basis for brand loyalty - mental road map4. Emotional Brand Loyalty: OverviewThe Overall Brand Loyalty Road MapThe Brand Loyalty Road MapMapping one brandEmotional loyalty and involvementFraming Brand LoyaltyBrand loyalty demographicsBrand DifferentiationImplications for your brandReport Pricing:Electronic   EUR 792ORDERING - FOUR EASY WAYS TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:Order online: To order this report please click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c26935Order via email: mailto:orders@researchandmarkets.comOrder via fax-back form: Click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c26935 Fax to +353 1 4100 980Order via post: Click on http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c26935Mail to Research and Markets Ltd., Guinness Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8,IrelandReport Data Summary:Emotional Brand Loyalty - A RethinkCategory: BusinessURL: www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c26935

Word of Mouth MarketingToday, according to consulting giant McKinsey, about two-thirds of all economic activity in the US is influenced by shared opinions about a product, brand or service. But word of mouth as a marketing discipline is only just coming into its own, and the data indicate its best years are yet to come. Attention: Marketers, Advertising Agencies, Retailers, Online Content Sitesand Educators. The Word of Mouth Marketing report examines why so many online marketers are engaging in word of mouth or viral campaigns?and why even more plan to do so in the future.  Word of mouth is the "hidden statistic." No one has locked on to a defining statistic for word-of-mouth marketing. we analyzed data from hundreds of sources to measure the influence, effectiveness and extent of word of mouth marketing efforts. Based on aggregated data and interviews with various word of mouth marketing experts, we estimate that almost half of online marketers will engage in some form of word of mouth or viral campaign this year. Next year, a majority of digital marketers will conduct such efforts. A recent survey, which asked marketers what type of digital media they were either using or planning to use, found that exactly two-thirds cited word of mouth. Find out why the oldest form of advertising may be about to enter its heyday and what that means for your marketing plans. Key questions the "Word of Mouth Marketing" report answers: - Why is word-of-mouth the hidden statistic?- How many marketers are using word-of-mouth/viral campaigns today, and whatis driving this use? - What consumer trends underlie and support the growth of word-of-mouthmarketing, today, and tomorrow? - Is there solid support data proving that consumers rely on word-of-mouthto make decisions about products, services, brands and places to shop? - What are some guidelines marketers can use to successfully incorporateword-of-mouth strategies in their marketing plans? - Plus, learn the "Ten Reasons Why Word of Mouth Marketing Is So Hot (andWhy It Will Only Get Hotter)"Reports On-Target and Up-to-DateThe Word of Mouth Marketing report aggregates the latest data from leading researchers?BIGresearch, Cap Gemini, CMO Magazine, DoubleClick, Global Fluency, Harris Interactive, Nielsen//NetRatings, NOP, OPA, RoperASW, Thomas, Townsend & Kent (TTK) and others?with a wealth of numbers, projections and analysis to give you the information you need to makewell-informed decisions concerning this fast-growing, effective and economical new marketing tool. For a complete copy of this report click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c27236Report Pricing:Electronic   EUR 177ORDERING - FOUR EASY WAYS TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:Order online: To order this report please click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c27236Order via email: mailto:orders@researchandmarkets.comOrder via fax-back form: Click onhttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c27236 Fax to +353 1 4100 980Order via post: Click on http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c27236Mail to Research and Markets Ltd., Guinness Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8,IrelandReport Data Summary:Word of Mouth Marketing: the Stats, Surveys and Substance Behind the Buzz Date Published: 12/1/2005URL: www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c27236