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CIPR Diversity Policy: il lancio a Londra e una lettera di Anne Gregory

Dear colleague,As chair of the CIPR Diversity Group I was pleased to be part of and to oversee the launch of the CIPR Diversity Policy on Wednesday 13 July 2005 in London.In light of recent bombings in London, never was there a more appropriate time to launch a policy that aims to raise the communications industry's awareness of the importance of diversity issues and the need for it to be more representative of wider society.Only when the PR industry is properly representative of all the different groups in society can it communicate effectively with them. Until it is we will fail to do our jobs properly and to serve our employers, clients and society itself to the highest standard.We at the CIPR would like to share with you the following information:  

A copy of the policy document
A copy of the press release about the launch of the policy
A copy of the speech given by Colleen Harris, director of communications for the Commission for Racial Equality
A copy of the speech given by Agnes Fletcher, assistant director of policy, communications for the Disability Rights Commission
Your feedback on the policy, this website, and on the work the CIPR is carrying out in the area of diversity more generally would be appreciated.
Please send your comments to Fabrizio Falzarano, CIPR Public Affairs Officer (Diversity and International) at FabrizioF@cipr.co.uk
Best wishes,
Anne Gregory FCIPR, CIPR Past President and chair of the Diversity Group