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Da Palo Alto il futuro della comunicazione


Dal 1° al 3 Marzo il New Communication Forum

Ci sono ancora buone opportunità per andare in California, a Palo Alto, a seguire il New Communication Forum sulle nuvoe tendenze della comunicazione globale.
Per iscriversi e avere maggiori informazioni, collegatevi al sito www.newcommforum.com!New Communications Forum March 1 - 3 , 2006 Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel 625 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94301 Explore, Discuss & DiscoverNew Strategies for PR, Marketing, AdvertisingThe New Media & The New Face of Journalism  We invite you to join us for the premiere conference that brings together the industry's leaders from around the globe to discuss the impact of participatory communications on media, marketing, PR, and advertising.  Last year, NewComm Forum introduced its attendees to the potential of blogging and other new communications tools. This year, we take the conversation to the next level, examining how blogs, wikis, podcasts and other emerging tools, technologies and modes of communication are affecting organizations and how communications professionals from across the spectrum are harnessing these tools to engage in market conversations, deepen and strengthen relationships with key audiences, gain new insights into their audiences' perceptions and behavior and achieve bottom line results.We'll talk strategy and share practical on-the-ground tips and tactics, address the tough questions, present case studies and success stories and examine what's coming in the future.