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Dopo il WPRF di Trieste, si muovono anche le fondazioni!


Borse di studio per ricerche su diversità e RP.

Dal sito dell'IPR (Institute for Public Relations) segnaliamo...RFP for Research in Public Relations and Diversity
The Institute for Public Relations is an independent nonprofit foundation dedicated to the science beneath the art of public relations. It exists to build and document research-based knowledge in the field of public relations, and to mainstream this knowledge by making it available and useful to practitioners, educators, researchers and the clients they serve.Based on an initial contribution from ConAgra Foods, Inc.,  the Institute is pursuing a course of research to build and encourage more rigorous knowledge in the area of diversity and public relations. This research program will NOT focus on the diversity profile of the profession itself - others have been and will continue exploring that. Rather, our efforts will focus on the science beneath the art of relationships with diverse constituents, communicating with diverse audiences, through diverse means, and supporting the value of diversity. This may include not only differences of race and gender, but also of language, culture, religion and more.Thus, the Institute is seeking proposals from scholars and professionals for grant awards of $1,000 to $10,000 to fund studies in this area. We plan to award at least one grant annually for research in this field, though more grants are possible if enough qualified proposals are received and budget permits. The Institute reserves the right to award no grants if no proposals are deemed suitable.Finally, it is important to reiterate that the Institute seeks not only to build new research-based knowledge, but also to move that knowledge into practice. Proposals that offer strong prospects for serving the needs of working public relations professionals as well as academics will have the best chance of receiving a grant.
For more information about the Institute or this program, please visit www.instituteforpr.org or contact Frank Ovaitt, iprceo@jou.ufl.edu.Grant Application GuidelinesOnline ApplicationRecommended Reading for Applicants