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Global Alliance avvia una ricerca on line a livello globale sulle dimensioni e l'impatto economico d


Tutti sono invitati a partecipare: pochi minuti per un importante contributo.

Ecco la lettera del Presidente di Global Alliance, Sejamothopo Motau, rivolta a tutti i membri della GA e ai loro associati (ma anche ai non soci) con l'invito a compilare un breve questionario che sarà utile a raccogliere i dati per la ricerca che Global Alliance sta realizzando in merito alla dimensione e all'impatto economico delle RP a livello globale.Dear Colleagues.everywhere in the world there is a need to define and better understand the public relations industry, identify trends and highlight key issues that are emerging. Thanks to initial research done by colleagues at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the United Kingdom, the Global Alliance has prepared a basic template that can be sent to our 160 000 members around the world.This survey will enable us to conduct the first ever audit of the entire profession and is designed to establish the size and importance of the industry. We want to explore areas of growth as well as define and measure the contribution that we make as professionals in the economic, social and political fabric of our nations. The output will be posted on the GA website and comparative analysis will be possible once the results have been compiled.To access the survey, please click here
The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. It consists of questions about your role in public relations, your company/organisation and also you as an individual.I urge you to assist us in this important intervention to get a better handle on our industry by sending this notice to all of your members and encourage them to spare just a few moments of their valuable time. Getting maximum participation in every country that is a member of the GA will allow for a more credible snapshot of our profession on a global scale. In that regard, posting the survey on your own website is also strongly encouraged even if non-members complete the survey. Indeed, we will be able to tell you how many non-members from your country participated in the survey providing you with valuable information.Thank you for your cooperation and support.Best regardsSejamothopo Motau, FPRISAChair, Global Alliance