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La CBC manda in onda una serie dedicata alle Relazioni Pubbliche


La serie verrà trasmessa dalla radio canadese a partire dal 21 gennaio e racconterà agli ascoltatori come "nascono" molte delle notizie che finiscono sulle prime pagine dei giornali.

CBC Launches Radio Series on Public Relations by Gail ChiassonJan 12, 2007CBC Radio producer and author Ira Basen takes on the news media and the public relations industry in Spin Cycles: A Series About Spin, The Spinners And The Spun, a six-part series airing during the final hour of The Sunday Edition, beginning Jan. 21 at 11 a.m. on CBC Radio One.The series, produced and narrated by Basen, provides listeners with a rare look into the strategic orchestration that goes into many of the stories that make headlines.
Idea for the show grew from the fact that, as a veteran current affairs producer for CBC Radio, Basen grew frustrated with guests dodging questions and pushing key messages instead of directly answering questions. Basen sets out to better understand what drives the public relations industry, and tries to bridge the gap between journalists and PR practitioners.
Spin Cycles explores a range of issues surrounding the PR industry, from its humble beginnings to the significant challenges this multi-billion dollar industry now presents to journalists. A highlight in the series is Basens look at political spin. Spin Cycles examines how PR wizards have concocted 'leaks' to selective reporters, who then transformed their spin into 'news'. The series then analyzes how effective reporters have been at cutting through this media manipulation.
The program will also explore the future challenges for PR practitioners and journalists at a time of shrinking newsroom budgets, increased demand for content, and a PR industry that continues to grow in size and sophistication.Spin Cycles airs from Jan. 21 to Feb. 25 at 11 a.m. (11:30 NT) on CBC Radio One.From PubZone: Click on this URL if underlined or cut and paste it into the address window of your browser.Da: http://www.pubzone.com/newsroom/2007/1x070109x100936.cfm