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Sai reagire alle crisi? Un interessante seminario "virtuale" della PRSA

Crisis-Proofing Your Organization: First Response, Four Crucial Components All Successful Crisis Plans Must Have
A Virtual Seminar sponsored by PRSAPresented by James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSAThursday, December 16, 20041:00 - 2:30 p.m. U.S./Canadian ESTTo register, visit http://www.krm.com/prsa/.
Are you really ready to manage your negative news? What is your strategy to recognize and preempt potential risks and threats? Or are you just going to rely on your ability to react quickly and appropriately? Are you ready for the moral hazards that are all too prevalent in today's business environments?  Translation: If Mr. Spitzer showed up, would you be ready?
Most crisis responses begin to fail during the first hour. It's better to have a plan. The planning process leads to key risk prevention and reduction.
This intense, content-rich program will teach how to be ready and how to recognize and overcome early response failures that can damage the rest of the crisis response process.
You Should Attend This Program If You Are:- Beginning to develop a crisis planning process in your organization;- Looking for some fundamentally sound advice;- Examining your existing planning approach and documentation;- In the process of updating crisis planning work done by others before you; or- Looking for important ways to elevate the level of crisis communication planning and readiness within your organization.
Seminar Materials:As a program participant you will receive some very interesting and valuable materials to expedite your learning process.  These original materials are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars:- The Community Involvement Audit Worksheet- The Vulnerability Analysis Worksheet- Key Issue Identification Worksheet- The Senior Executive Reflection Study Worksheet- Scenario Development Worksheet- Sample Contact List Formats- Sample Crisis Plan Table of Contents- Mr. Lukaszewski's Power Point presentation
This program is delivered direct to your office - no travel.  How it works:
The live audio is delivered direct to your office over the telephone to provide clear, reliable sound quality. The visuals are presented over the Internet.  The program is live and interactive. You will be able to ask questions as this is much like a talk-radio program.
Use a speakerphone and invite your entire staff to attend for one low price of $250 per site for PRSA members; $275 nonmembers.  An early-bird discount is available as advertised.  Click on http://www.krm.com/PRSA/ for more specific information about the seminar, the early-bird discount, and registration.
If you are registering from outside the United States or U.S. Territories there will be additional telephone charges added to your registration fees.  Detailed information can be found on the registration form under "Special Notice." Visit the PRSA Professional Resource Center to learn more about the PRSA-Lukaszewski Collection of books, monographs, and articles.
For additional information, and to register, visit http://www.krm.com/PRSA/.