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Bourbon e comunicazione


La buona comunicazione ha bisogno di tempo, così come il tempo serve per l'invecchiamento di un buon whiskey... Un interessante commento di Jason Falls che Italo Vignoli ha riportato sul suo blog. Ve lo riproponiamo.

Secondo Jason Falls, la buona comunicazione, così come il buon Bourbon, ha bisogno di tempo.

Apprezzo più la Grappa del Bourbon, ma trovo il paragone stimolante… Approfondiamo l’argomento attraverso le affermazioni contenute nel post:

While some of the best communications ideas in the world were created in that hyperventilation chamber of death that is client deadlines, the one thing lacking in most approaches to market is the appropriate amount of time to ensure the program, campaign or effort is done right, or at least well.

I’m competing for time and my clients, agency, family, blog, extra-curricular activities, friends, fitness and personal hobbies are competing against me. (Note that I didn’t put sleep in that list. It is currently drawing the short straw).

As a result of the cacophony of buzz that is our lives, we seldom have or even think to take the appropriate time to ensure what we’re doing is done well. We do it with our clients or company. We do it with our meals or sleep. We do it with our friends and family. Some of us do it there too much and too often.

But good bourbon can’t be rushed. Many bourbons have age statements on the bottle. In order to craft an ideal product, bourbon makers know the most important ingredient is time. We should all take a lesson from that philosophy.

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