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In occasione del 3° Festival Mondiale delle RP di Brasilia, il più importante appuntamento annuale d


In programma anche le candidature per il nuovo Segretario Generale e il nuovo Tesoriere dell'Associazione.

Il 3° Festival Mondiale delle Relazioni Pubbliche, in programma a Brasilia dal 26 al 28 giugno con un programma davvero intenso (che è possibile scaricare dal sito del Festival), sarà anche la sede di due importanti appuntamenti di Global Alliance.L'Annual General e il Concil Meeting dell'associazione avranno infatti luogo lunedì 26 giugno, dalle ore 14.00 alle ore 16.00, prima dell'apertura ufficiale del Festival, con il programma che è descritto nell'invito del Presidente GA, Sejamothopo Motau, riportato qui di seguito: 
As has become GA practice, important Alliance business will be conducted during the festival, including a meeting of your Executive Board and the Annual General and Council meetings.It is no exaggeration to say that the Annual General Meeting and the Council Meeting are the most important events in the GA calendar. This year these will be held in Brasilia on 26 June 2006 from 14:00 16:00. Your confirmation of attendance and your consideration of nominations for some important posts are needed at this time. Among the business to be discussed will be:·  Approval of the minutes and subsequent actions of our 2005 meeting in Trieste, Italy;·  Receipt of reports from the Chairman, Treasurer and Committee heads;·  Approval of acts and appointment of auditors;·  Election process for the filling of vacancies on the GA Board and the posts of Secretary and Treasurer;·  Transaction of other important business that you wish to have considered you can raise this informally on the day', however, should you have a formal resolution to propose this must be sent to the secretary, Colin Farrington, at colinf@cipr.co.uk by May 12. During the Council meeting the Board will also be presenting its preliminary thoughts on a corporate governance review we have been conducting. In the meantime, we have vacancies to fill for the posts of Secretary and Treasurer for two-year terms in each case. Colin Farrington and Margaret Moscardi are ineligible to continue Colin has already taken up the post of Chair-elect. We invite candidates who have·  the support of their associations·  who are able to participate fully in the corporate governance of the Global Alliance·  who are familiar with and supportive of the GA effort and mission·  have time to handle regular email exchanges·  to participate in conference calls (now paid by GA) every two months and·  be available to travel to two meetings a year preferably supported by their domestic bodyMost business is conducted electronically or by telephone conference, but physical attendance at two meetings a year will be essential. The meetings this year are being held in Brasilia and Puerto Rico (October).Colin and Margaret will be happy to answer any immediate questions you may have on the duties of these posts. It is a requirement of the British company law (where the company is registered), that Colin continue with the formal Companies Acts duties as at present. The Board will also be inviting the Council to confirm the co-option of members to fill casual vacancies. If you wish to be considered for these positions, with the support of your associations, please see the procedure as set out in the Election Notice. If there is a contested election you will be advised of the election procedure. Finally, if you are unable to attend in person you may appoint a proxy as per attached Form of Proxy. The Executive Board looks forward to meeting the leaders of all our Alliance partners in Brasilia. Please make every effort to ensure that your organisation has at least one representative at these important meetings. SEJAMOTHOPO MOTAU FPRISA Chairman, Global Alliance