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IPR pubblica le prime linee guida per misurare l'ascolto in Rete: da scaricare

Per scaricare il pdf di questo fondamentale documento dell'Institute for Public Relations cliccate qui!Leggete qui invece il comunicato stampa ufficiale di presentazione delle linee guida:Institute for Public Relations Releases First-Ever Guidelines for Measuring Importance of Internet Audience
Gainesville, Fla. [February 17, 2004] With an awareness of the growing importance of the Internet in shaping public opinion, the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) has issued an important new study that focuses on the impact of Internet news outlets and web sites to the public's perception of an organization. "A Primer in Internet Audience Measurement," by Bruce Jeffries-Fox, a member of the Institute for Public Relations' Commission on Measurement and Evaluation, is now available on the IPR website.  The Institute for Public Relations is the leading independent professional organization dedicated to research and education in the public relations profession.The enormous size of the Internet makes it impossible for organizations to monitor all sites.  "A Primer in Internet Audience Measurement" provides an objective, quantitative means for organizations to determine the relative importance of web sites.  This method enables organizations to focus on the sites that really matter. "It is as important for public relations professionals to understand and assess cyber-media content as it is to monitor and assess traditional media content," says Jeffries-Fox.Bruce Jeffries-Fox is President of Jeffries-Fox Associates, a firm that conducts media studies and a broad range of public relations research. Previously director of public relations research at AT&T, his research has supported the development and evaluation of a broad range of domestic and international PR programs. He is a past Chairman of the Institute for Public Relations' Measurement Commission.Jeffries-Fox's most recent IPR publication, "Advertising Value Equivalencies: Nothing To Quiver About" by Bruce Jeffries-Fox examined the controversial notion that public relations results can be assigned an overall dollar value in terms of Advertising Value Equivalency.  His conclusion led to the official IPR position that "The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Commission does not endorse Ad Value Equivalencies as a measurement tool." "A Primer in Internet Audience Measurement" by Bruce Jeffries-Fox is available at no charge on the IPR website at http://www.instituteforpr.com/internet_-_new_technology.phtml?article_id=2004_ia_measurement.