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I primi tre paper di un progetto di ricerca sulla Business Effective Communication.

Creativity and Holistic Thinking in Organisations The first three papers from a five year long project researching Business Effective Communication, conducted by the Swedish PR Association and Stockholm School of Economics.
Business Effective Communication is a five-year research project with the purpose to develop knowledge about how information and communication can be used in the leadership of organisations in order to achieve a higher degree of external effectiveness. It is a co-operation between the Swedish Public Relations Association (Sveriges Informationsförening) and the Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm).
The project was initiated in autumn 2003 and the position as research leader is held by Sven Hamrefors, assistant professor at Stockholm School of Economics. Every quarter for the duration of the project a paper will be published.The project is financed by contributions from a consortium of swedish organisations; Alecta, Ericsson, Folksam, Hyresgästföreningen, JKL, NCC, Observer, Skanska, Vasakronan and Vattenfall. Creativity and Holistic Thinking in Organisations (pdf)Management of Attention: A Responsibility for the CommunicationDepartment? (pdf)The Contribution of the Communication Function to the EnvironmentalScanning of the Organisation (pdf)Contacts:Margaretha SjöbergSecretary-General/Managing DirectorT: +46 70 568 02 10 E: margaretha.sjoberg@sverigesinformationsforening.seResearch leader, Sven HamreforsAssistant professor at Stockholm School of EconomicsT: + 46 70 3223161 E: sven.hamrefors@hhs.seMore information is available athttp://www.sverigesinformationsforening.se/inenglish/research/page4527.aspx