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Global Alliance ospita la prima conferenza regionale in Cina



Global Alliance ospiterà la sua prima conferenza regionale in Cina dal 25 al 28 ottobre. Il Global City Brands & Economy Development Forum  si terrà ad Hangzhou, in collaborazione con il Public Relations & Global Communications Club con sede a Pechino.

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management which represents over 280,000 professionals in 126 countries is to co-host its first regional conference in China from 25-28 October 2019.

The Global City Brands & Economy Development Forum will be held in Hangzhou, China in partnership with the Beijing-based Public Relations & Global Communications Club.

Looking ahead to the event, Justin Green, President, Global Alliance, said: “China is at a hugely exciting point in its development and that is reflected in the country’s thriving public relations and communication sector where great professionals are building tremendous careers with organisations of every size across many diverse sectors.

“For Global Alliance, the Forum in Hangzhou is an excellent platform to engage with our members at the Public Relations & Global Communications Club.

“We will share some of our experiences of how cities and regions are promoted around the world. Diversity is one of the key strengths of Global Alliance and our growing membership base offers very valuable opportunities to learn and develop.”

Richard Wang of the Public Relations & Global Communications Club, added, “It’s our great pleasure to host a conference with Global Alliance, and we are looking forward to welcoming the board and their President Justin Green to China. As a member, we believe this conference is an excellent opportunity to engage, share, learn and collaborate with Global Alliance and all their members from around the world, to build a better future for our profession.”

Directors of Global Alliance are due to tackle the challenges the profession faces and will present on the potential of world events to boost country branding and deliver economic growth.

In addition, Global Alliance will hold a board meeting and a meeting of its newly-formed Asia-Pacific Regional Council in Hangzhou led by Chair, Prita Kemal Gani.

The delegation will also engage with government and business stakeholders in China to explore the future potential of public relations and communications.

Further information about Global Alliance is available here while the Public Relations & Global Communications Club is also online here.

If you would like to engage with the Global Alliance delegation while they’re in China, please contact Mateus Furlanetto, cao@globalalliancepr.org