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Global Alliance risponde all'invasione russa dell'Ucraina



La risposta di Global Alliance alla comunità dei professionisti delle relazioni pubbliche e della comunicazione è un appello all'etica personale e professionale a supportare il popolo ucraino, in un momento difficilissimo che riguarda tutti noi.

The leadership of the Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management has witnessed with growing horror over recent days as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has continued with mounting loss of human life and a growing humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes.

We share the revulsion felt globally at the actions of Russia towards a neighbouring country. We support all efforts to bring about a peaceful outcome and know that an immediate cessation of violence is the best way to provide the space needed to achieve a negotiated settlement underpinned by respect for international law.

As part of the wider effort to generate economic pressure on the aggressors, we encourage all public relations and communication professionals – wherever they are based - to carefully consider the ethical aspect of continuing to represent clients who are aligned with the Russian authorities or who are equivocal in condemning the current military action.

We also note with considerable concern how disinformation has been used as a weapon in this escalating crisis. This underlines very starkly the importance of media literacy and relying on trusted, independent and verified information sources. It also reminds us forcefully of the life and death consequences that can follow spurious claims being spread unchecked through social media and other channels. In addition, we have seen State-controlled media in Russia used to minimise the impact and scale of the invasion in an attempt to influence public opinion in that country.

Above all, our thoughts at this time are with the people of Ukraine - and indeed with the many ordinary Russians who do not support their government’s attack on Ukraine, some of who have been detained for protesting. While not in the firing line, they too are victims of this invasion and it is they who will live with many of the consequences.

We wish safe passage to all of our media colleagues covering this war and also stand in support of the public relations and communication professionals working with aid agencies and non-governmental organisations that are doing Trojan work in response to the worsening situation.

In recognition of this, we are making a donation to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Statement issued by the Executive Board of Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management