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Il cuore di molte discussioni sul web è un comunicato stampa


Pr Newswire ha stretto un accordo con il motore di ricerca Technorati per monitorare su quali blog vengono discussi i comunicati stampa pubblicati sul sito prnewswire.com.

PRN LINKS RELEASES TO BLOGS Corporate-issued news releases and the "citizen media" of the blogosphere have moved a little closer together.PR Newswire has entered into a deal with blog search giant Technorati to add a link on all PRN-issued releases to track pickup in social media.PRN said it is Technorati's first deal with a commercial news distributor.The green button now at the bottom of releases on PRN's public site (its site for journalists does not include the link) will "help establish a strong link" between announcements via press releases and reactions from bloggers, PRN said. The button links to a Technorati search page with a list of blogs and excerpts linking to the release.David Sifry, Technorati's founder and CEO, said the "kernel" of any robust conversation on the web is often a press release
(link diretto: http://www.odwyerpr.com/members/0115prn_blogs.htmuser: happypswd: newyear)