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La Global Alliance prevede un 2008 positivo per le pr


Il messaggio del presidente Colin Farrington e altre notizie (in inglese).

1. End of year  
At the board of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management we come to the end of 2007 firmly believing that our community is growing both in quality as in quantity. As the umbrella association to unite PR professional associations worldwide we are welcoming more and more interested in joining us to help enhance the profession and its professionals.
After holding our World Public Relations Festival in Cape Town, earlier this year, we had several productive meetings and advanced in making the Global Alliance a more professional association by implementing some important internal reforms. We are now opening some positions for the GA Board and we will be contacting members about this early next year.
In 2008 we will consolidate our growth strategy and give a very important step forward with the launch of the renewed Global Alliance website, the second stage of the professional credentials report, the deepening of the Global Curricula Project, and with the upcoming World Public Relations Conference & Festival organized by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in London 23-24 June 2008.
But before all that, we would also like to share our best Season's Greetings and wish you a very fruitful and productive new year.
Colin Farrington, Global Alliance Chair 
2. FERPI (Italy) and ARRP (Romania) lead a joint Public Diplomacy effort
Two Global Alliance member associations are leading an innovative and groundbreaking public diplomacy initiative which is highlighting the positive role of PR professionals in society.
Following the assassination of an Italian citizen by a Romanian migrant, communities from the two countries started to be the target of criticism and negative reactions. PR professionals from both countries started to discuss this issue thorough the www.prconversations.com weblog and several ideas started to crystallize as a work group was set up by the professional PR associations from both countries.  
Now, and after implementing a research program aimed at the 1 million Romanians living in Italy and at the 50 thousand Italians living in Romania, this joint effort from FERPI (Italy) and ARPP (Romania) will start a series of dialogue mechanisms to try to generate a greater understanding between the two communities.
As Toni Muzi Falconi, past-president of the Global Alliance and project leader on behalf of FERPI (Italy), explains in a recent post at the PR Conversations weblog, this is a very interesting case of how professional associations can produce very significant results when they decide to focus more often their status of "concerned non-governmental organizations" instead of relying only on their market culture and orientation.
 3. Public Relations in Africa: news available at the Global Alliance website soon
The Federation of African Public Relations has just issued an e-mail update with relevant information on PR related activities in the African Continent. This will be posted in the Global Alliance website and will include more on the following topics:
FAPRA 2008 Conference to be held in Ghana April 28-May 3 2008 focusing on "Corporate Social Responsibility – Global Trends and Implications".
Global Communication Summit is being organized by FAPRA, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and Timex Communication, a Lagos based PR agency. The event will be held in February 2008.
Following the Global Alliance report on Professional Credentials and the experience from PRISA – PR Institute of Southern Africa –   the FAPRA Council approves Accreditation programme.
Please monitor www.globalpr.org for further news and visit our events area to know more about FAPRA 2008 Conference.
4. Social Media under discussion at Euroblog 2008
Social Media and PR are again under the attention of the researchers and practitioners from Europe, USA and elsewhere who will convene next March 13-15 2008 for the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) Spring Symposium in Brussels, Belgium.
The Euroblog 2008 will identify and present examples of best practice, empirical investigation and new concepts for modelling and understanding the rapid changes in relationship management. The agenda for social media discussion will certainly be shaped by the outcomes of this symposium which continues a series of previous symposia and surveys initiated by EUPRERA in 2006.
Researchers who would like to present empirical findings, theoretical insights or case studies should send an abstract (2 pages) which contains author(s) and affiliation, title, theoretical/empirical principles, main findings, and implications for further research via e-mail to the organizers no later than Monday, January 7, 2008. Further information is available at www.euroblog2008.org and at the Global Alliance website under Training&Events.
 5. CIPR On-Line diploma is available to individual members of GA member associations  
The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (UK) has announced that its next edition of the CIPR on-line Diploma, to begin in January 2008, can be accessed by individual members of Global Alliance member societies at the same rates as CIPR members. Enrolment is now open for the next online course targeted at experienced professionals who are ready to play a more strategic role. The syllabus focuses on PR as a management function and explores issues such as strategy, planning, reputation management, CSR, stakeholder theory and issues & crisis management.
As the Diploma is available online; applicants can study any where, any time. Teaching is delivered through ten one-hour web-based sessions with expert lecturers. Students have access to extensive online learning resources, including membership of Questia - the world's largest online library.  
For more information, visit www.cipr.co.uk/qualifications  or send an email to qualifications@cipr.co.uk