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Altri due teleseminari PRSA (25 agosto - 15 settembre)

Reputation Management: Rethinking your Critical Assets Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 Time: 2 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Central, Noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific Duration: 1 hour Cost: $85 for Tech Section members, $150 for PRSA membersQuestion: What is the most important responsibility entrusted to a CEO by the board and shareholders? If you did not answer "reputation management", you may want to rethink your priorities. In 2000, an astonishing 85 percent of market valuation of the typical company was determined by intangible assets. This was up from 32 percent in 1982. Even though the critical importance of reputation management is acknowledged to be a key factor in a company's growth, ability to attract talented staff and valuation, most company's still have not integrated a comprehensive reputation management and corporate communications strategy.Join Gary A. Myers, president and chief executive officer, Morgan&Myers as he defines the new conceptual model of reputation management. Mr. Myers is a member of the College of Fellows and past chairman of PRSA's Counselors Academy.In this presentation, he will describe:

Why reputation management is an important component to your companies and clients? success.
What is a comprehensive Reputation Management program?
How reputation is measured.
How to tell if a company is in danger of losing its reputation.
What are the intangible assets that influence reputation?
Why reputation management is essential to the long-term viability of your company.
How the proper approach to reputation management provides not only the basis for forensic analysis to determine why they are perceived the way they are, but also how to build the organization desired for the future.
Mr. Myers will also take questions at the conclusion of his presentation. Click here to register for the teleseminar http://www.prsa.org/_Networking/Technology/pdf/082504flyer.pdf
How to walk the walk when customers won't talk the talk Date:  Wednesday, September 15, 2004Time: 1 p.m. ET, 12 noon Central, 11 a.m. Mountain, 10 a.m. PacificDuration: 1 hour Cost: $85 for Tech Section members, $150 for PRSA membersWe've all been there - you have the perfect customer success story and just the reporter to give it to...only your customer can't or won't talk to the media.  Or perhaps your company is just getting off the ground and doesn't have a wealth of referenceable customers to speak of?  In an ideal world, customer references are unlimited in quantity and sing your praises to the high heavens. In reality, most companies experience challenges at some time or another with limited or no customer references.  This session will discuss best practices for working with the media to secure coverage for your client or company when customer references are a problem, including:

Internal strategies to employ with your client or company.
What editors need to run stories in the absence of customers.
Strategies for approaching publications without customer references.
Specific tactics to use as alternatives to customer-driven activities.
How to work with the customer organization to smooth the relationship.
How to leverage your agency dollars.
Click here to register for the teleseminar http://www.prsa.org/_Networking/Technology/PDF/091504flyer.pdf