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Healthcare e IT due settori cruciali per le società di Rp globali


Pubblichiamo il comunicato di ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation ).

PRESS RELEASEHealthcare continues to be primary driver for global PR agencies;IT beginning to returnLondon. July 8th, 2004. The healthcare market continues to be the main growth engine for most PR agencies, with IT beginning to make a comeback. But prospects continue to remain flat for 2004. These are the principal findings from the latest ICCO World Report, which comprises ‘state of the nation' reports returned from trade associations representing PR agencies in twelve countries around the world.Countries which took part in the ICCO World Report were based in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and, for the first time, Africa (Nigeria). Common themes which emerged from the Report were: more business opportunities emerging for agencies in Eastern Europe, as governments there initiate programmes to align their local regulations with the EC; a continued pressure on margins, especially from freelancers and singleperson agencies; a growing determination on behalf of the agencies to raise standards, with the UK's PRCA-inspired Consultancy Management Standard being taken up by seven countries Commenting on the report, ICCO Secretary General, Simon Quarendon said, "Our report provides a useful barometer on the current status of the global PR agency industry. Clearly, PR agencies around the world must adapt their businesses to cope with a gradual improvement in trading conditions, rather than a dramatic uplift, which is not going to emerge this year, if at all.We are delighted to see so many countries taking active steps to raise standards of professionalism, which can only benefit the client in the long run." Note to editors: the twelve countries that took part in this survey included:Austria; Czech Republic; Finland; Ireland; Nigeria; Poland; Russia; Slovakia;Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey and the UK.A copy of the report can be obtained from the ICCO Secretary General, Simon Quarendon.Contact: Simon QuarendonTelephone: +44 (0)7850 618418Email: simon@iccopr.comAbout the ICCO:The International Communications Consultancy Organisation is the voice of public relations consultancies across the world. It is the umbrella association for more than 850 consultancies through their trade associations in 24 countries. ICCO's 20 full member countries all have a formal trade ssociation of PR consultancies. There are also four observer members where the local industry is moving towards establishing a formal association. Altogether, the associations that make up ICCO's family employ more than 25,000 people.