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Lobbying enquiry


The CIPR has submitted written evidence to a parliamentary inquiry into regulation of the lobbying system. The Institute believes the current system of multiple self-regulation is broadly effective but stressed that if a regulator is to be appointed, the CIPR is ideally placed to undertake this role.

CIPR President Lionel Zetter said: "Organisations and their representatives deserve the right of free access to MPs, Ministers, Civil Servants and Special Advisers and any attempt to fetter that access would damage the political process.  Our view is that the present system of self-regulation is broadly effective and should continue. If, however, Parliament decides that self-regulation requires formalisation and should be delegated to an external body then the CIPR is best positioned to undertake this role. Unlike trade associations such as the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) and Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) the CIPR has a Code of Conduct which relates to the conduct of individuals. If self-regulation is to work effectively, it must involve the ability to sanction individuals."