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Media Training per Media Trainers: un teleseminario della PRSA

Media Training for Media Trainers A Virtual Seminar Sponsored by PRSAPresented by James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSAThursday, September 23, 20041:00 - 2:30 p.m. U.S./Canadian ESTFor additional information, and to register, visit http://www.krm.com/prsa.Media relations remains among the most economical and fastest ways to get messages to important audiences and generate useful feedback.  Increasingly, media relations is carried out by spokespersons who have been or will be coached beforehand.  If you coach or train spokespersons, executives, and managers for media interviews, presentations, or testimony, this is a very important program for you to attend.This program is designed to take those who do media training and coaching to a higher level of practice that focuses on scripting, enhancing content, and on content that drives interviews and audiences.  This seminar will walk participants through the structure, technique, and substance of an interesting model approach to content-driven media coaching.Other important topics will be touched on:

How to convince executives to be trained and coached
Designing communications objectives and scripts
Improving memorability
The key attributes of good answers
The controlling power of positive language
Converting data and factoids into stories
This program is delivered direct to your office - no travel.  How it works: The live audio is delivered direct to your office over the telephone to provide clear, reliable sound quality.  The visuals are presented over the Internet.  The program is live and interactive.  You will be able to ask questions of Jim as this is much like a talk-radio program.Use a speakerphone and invite your entire staff to attend for one low price of $250 per site for PRSA members; $275 nonmembers.  An early-bird discount is available as advertised.  Click on http://www.krm.com/prsa for more specific information about the seminar, the early-bird discount, and to register.If you are registering from outside the United States or U.S. Territories there will be additional telephone charges added to your registration fees.  Detailed information can be found on the registration form under "Special Notice."Visit the PRSA Professional Development Center to learn more about the PRSA-Lukaszewski Collection of books, monographs, and articles.