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Monitorando lo spin... Le ultime novità dalla newsletter di SpinWatch

SpinWatch NewsletterMonitoring PR and spin in the public interest4 April 2005Dear subscribers,Spinwatch announces two new services for our users.The first is our launch of blogs. The first blog on the site is run by David Miller under the title 'unspun'. In the coming weeks we will launch other blogs as part of a wider overhaul of our site.Click here for David's blog. The second innovation is the opening of our bookshop in which you can buy books by spinwatch authors at reduced prices.Click here top see the shop. New SpinWatch content by Spinwatch authors: The 'bad idea virus' Iraq, Order 81 and the biotech invasion by Andy Rowell, 29 March 2005. Also published in Akhaleej and Gulf Today.The task facing Dr. Al-Sharifi, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, is to make Iraqi fertile again. To assist the Iraqis in their task, the Americans appointed Dan Amstutz, a former executive with the world's largest grain company Cargill. "Putting Dan Amstutz in charge of agricultural reconstruction in Iraq is like putting Saddam Hussein in the chair of a human rights commission," said Kevin Watkins, Oxfam's policy director. Weapons of Mass Deception a film by Danny Schechter, reviewed by Michael Greenwell, 23 March 2005. Another American media documentary. Perhaps it's time for some British and European ones. Nevertheless, this analysis of US mainstream media coverage in the run-up to the Iraq war and its aftermath is insightful, occasionally upsetting and even amusing in parts.Political Film on Internet Archive, reviewed by Michael Greenwall, 2 April 2005.Archive.org, for those who don't know it, is a massive Internet library. Thousands of old government and corporate propaganda films are stored in the Prelinger archives. Duck and Cover', Reefer Madness' and all the old favourites are there. Many of the clips you will probably have seen used in The Corporation', the Michael Moore films and others are to be found in their full context here.And...we've included almost all of the current news items posted since last week's Newsletter. Yes, it's a lot - but it's so interesting, we thought you wouldn't want to miss it... Tell us if it's too much, too many!Your input, comments and news items are welcome! Do contact us, email SpinWatchAnd please do forward this Newsletter to anyone you think may be interested in being kept up to date about SpinWatch.for SpinWatch,Eveline Lubbers