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A colloquio col nuovo presidente della Prsa


Cheryl I. Procter-Rogers parla del futuro dell'associazione americana di rp. Più il teleseminario sul social bookmarking...

Cheryl I. Procter-Rogers è la nuova presidente e Ceo della PRSA, la Public Relations Society of America. In un'intervista spiega quali saranno gli obiettivi dell'associaizone per il 2006 e sui cmabiamenti culturali che intende promuovere.Ecco l'intervista.
Segnaliamo anche il prossimo teleseminario PRSA:PRSA TeleseminarEmerging Online Tools: Tagging, Social Book Marking, Folksonomy, and More...January 31, 20063:00 p.m. ETDuration: 1 hourIn the age of the Internet, it seems that every time you turn around you are being urged to "listen to the online world" in order to learn about existing trends and threats to your brand, as well as to participate in customer conversations. But how do you go about doing this? You've probably heard of RSS, but what other tools exist?This teleseminar defines and explains the emerging ecosystem of technologies for online listening modalities like tagging, social book marking, and folksonomy.You will learn:- The definitions and explanations of established and emerging listening tools.- How to utilize these tools as early warning systems for trends and crises.- Tips on how these same tools can be used to improve your corporate communications -- both internally and externally.You Will Hear From:Elizabeth Albrycht is a 16-year veteran of high-technology public relations practice and a leading presence in the emerging world of participatory communications. Some of her accomplishments include being a founding fellow, advisory board member and chair of the research and publications committee of the Society for New Communications Research (www.sncr.org), and program chair and co-founder of the New Communications Forum (www.newcommforum.com), a conference series that brings journalists, marketing and PR professionals together to learn how to use participatory communications tools.Register Today!PRSA Member: $150Nonmember: $250Click here for registration details: http://www.prsa.org/_Advance/seminars/Emerging_Online_Tools.pdf Only one registration per site is required. Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to the call. Your registration entitles you to one telephone connection. Invite as many people as you wish to listen to the teleseminar on your speakerphone. Registrations must be in writing.  Fax your completed form to 212-460-5460, or mail to PRSA Registration, 411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003