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A fine ottobre a New York per la conferenza annuale della maggiore associazione del mondo! registran


Il tema: architetti del cambiamento e promotori della comprensione.

Ecco il primo annuncio della conferenza internazionale della Prsa che si svoglerà a New York City dal 24 al 26 di Ottobre. Tutti i soci Ferpi, grazie alla Global Alliance, possono beneficiare delle quote di registrazione offerte ai soci della Prsa visitando il sito www.prsa.org .Ecco di che si tratta:2004 International Conference Architects of Change, Advocates of Understanding:Advancing the Public Relations ProfessionPRSA International Conference24-26 October  In 2004, the PRSA International Conference not only will be the preeminent gathering of public relations professionals in the world but it will also take place in the most exciting city in the world, New York. The world is changing at a dizzying pace, and perhaps no city is more evocative of change and its impact than New York. The city has always been a melting pot of cultures and ideas, and an incubator of the latest, the newest, the most different. In this microcosm, the need to manage change and promote understanding are essential skills, and it is just these skills that today's public relations professionals can and must bring to the boardroom, the campus, the social services sector and the public policy arenas.The 2004 PRSA International Conference is an absolute must-attend for public relations and communication professionals so that we can be architects of change, helping the organizations we work for listen to and respond to the world around us as it evolves and shifts, as old values dissolve and new paradigms emerge. And we must be advocates of understanding, interpreting our organizations to stakeholders with diverse and disparate concerns and needs. As the world changes, our profession changes along with it, and as architects of change, advocates of understanding we demonstrate the ultimate value of our profession to a world which needs our insights, our expertise and our commitment as never before.Here is our stellar 2004 lineup so far:      Donald Trump      Entrepreneur      General Session SpeakerWhether you love him, loathe him or aren't sure - Donald Trump is the consummate newsmaker, the ultimate New Yorker, and the boldest of business leaders. He's survived well-publicized crises, managed to live life in the 24/7 glare of the media spotlight and has taken transparency and visibility to new heights. Trump is a man of vision and imagination, and he knows how to get people to buy into his ideas. His insights into weathering negative publicity, creating and communicating an image and the art of persuasion on a big screen scale will make for a high-energy, provocative and thought-provoking kick off to the 2004 International Conference. It's Mr. New York - up close and personal.          Al Roker      Master of Ceremonies      The Legends LuncheonCo-Host/Weathercaster/Feature Reporter, NBC's "Today" show, author and Emmy-Award WinnerThe beloved "Today" show weatherman and feature reporter will make an unforgettable m.c. for the Legends Luncheon.