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Grazie anche al web, reperire informazioni è sempre più facile e veloce. Spesso però restano dei dubbi sulla loro veridicità ed autorevolezza. _Luca Sofri_ ripropone le nuove linee guida sulla citazione delle fonti originali presentate da _Associated Press._

di Luca Sofri
Associated Press ha pubblicato delle nuove linee guida sulla citazione delle fonti originali delle notizie che diffonde. Sono interessanti e istruttive, viste da qui.
In the age of the Web, the sourcing and reliability of information has become ever more crucial. So it is more important than ever that we be consistent and transparent in our handling of information that originated elsewhere than our own reporting.
Therefore, here is our policy for crediting other news organizations in our reporting. This policy is aimed at introducing consistency to our practices around the world, and applies to our print, broadcast and online news reports.
The policy addresses two kinds of situations:

Attributing to other organizations information that we haven’t independently reported.
Giving credit to another organization that broke a story first, even when we match it — or advance it — through our own reporting.

Attributing facts we haven’t gathered or confirmed on our own:
We should provide attribution whether the other organization is a newspaper, website, broadcaster or blog; whether or not it’s U.S. based; and whether or not it’s an AP member or subscriber.
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