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Leadership, pace e crisi sono alcuni dei temi dei prossimi tre teleseminari PRSA

The Legacy You Leave is the Life You LeadA Virtual Seminar Sponsored by PRSA Counselors AcademyPresented by Jim Kouzes, best-selling author of The Leadership Challenge and Chairman-Emeritus, the Tom Peters CompanyThursday, November 4, 20042:00 - 3:30 p.m. U.S./Canadian ESTAfter receiving rave reviews at the Counselors Academy Spring Conference, Jim Kouzes has been invited back to present a virtual seminar.Spring Conference attendees characterized his presentation as:

Very inspiring and practical
Full of great examples and new thinking
Relevant with lots of meat
For additional information and to register, visit www.counselorsacademy.org.Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who chose to follow. Sometimes the relationship is one-to-one. Sometimes it's one-to-many. Regardless of the number, leadership is a relationship. No discussion of leadership can ever be complete without a discussion of the dynamics between leader and constituents.Public relations, as the name clearly proclaims, is also about relationships. Because relationships are at the center of both, public relations can learn a lot from leadership, and leadership from public relations. In his teleseminar, Jim will talk about lessons learned from more than twenty years of research that will enable you to lead your businesses more effectively.PRSA TeleseminarAPR Study Teleseminar: Public Relations Planning and Preparing for CrisesTuesday, November 2, 2004Time: 3:00 p.m. EasternDuration: 1 hourThe fourth of this year's one-hour interactive teleseminars designed to help you study for the Examination for Accreditation for Public Relations, presented by Jim Haynes, APR, Fellow PRSA and Douglas Newsom, APR, Fellow PRSA.This session is designed to give you an overview of the following knowledge, skills and ability areas:- For the Readiness Review: Management skills; Client/employer/organizational focus; Use of multiple delivery mechanisms; and Communications skills/writing and editing.- For the computer-based Examination: Management skills and issues; Crisis communication management; and Media relations.You Will Hear From: Jim Haynes, APR, Fellow PRSA, co-author of Public Relations Writing: Form and Style, serves on the Universal Accreditation Board, has taught public relations at four universities, and has conducted scores of seminars and workshops. Douglas Newsom, APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, director of journalism graduate programs, and undergraduate international journalism at Texas Christian University, is the senior co-author of Thi s Is PR and Public Relations Writing. She serves on PRSA's Educational Task Force and is a member of the Commission on Public Relations Education.Register Today!$35 PRSA Member or Universal Accreditation Partner Organization Member$55 NonmemberClick here for registration details: http://www.prsa.org/_Advance/seminars/110204flyer.pdf
PRSA TeleseminarWaging Peace: Ten Strategies for More Satisfying and Successful Contract NegotiationsTuesday, November 9, 2004Time: 3:00 p.m. EasternDuration: 90 minutesToo often, business organizations have contentious relationships with labor unions, organized opposition, critics, and even public agencies. Predictable negative behaviors and attitudes get in the way of negotiations and collaborations. Jim Lukaszewski will share the advice he provides clients in getting ready for, conducting and succeeding at the process of negotiations.He teaches techniques to:- Wage peace- Avoid strikes and other confrontations- Stay focused on your goals by focusing on the future- Prioritize your communication- Understand and work against the patterns of negativity that often influence and complicate negotiations- Avoid the most serious (often dumbest) mistakesThis program will answer crucial questions:- How do I control, contain, and manage the negotiation process?- What role do the media really play in high-profile negotiations?- Can I use non media-related direct communication in negotiation environments?- What are the most important guiding principles for successful negotiation?You Will Hear From: James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, one of the major-league consultants in public relations today. He has more than 25 years experience in dealing with the most troubling, tough, touchy, sensitive issues facing corporate, nonprofit, government and international clients. He is a recognized, much-quoted and visible expert strategist in the field. He is a contributing editor to Public Relations Quarterly, member of InfoCom's Media Relations Insider editorial advisory board, writes frequently for PR News, is a contributor to PRSA's The Strategist, and the author of three books on crisis communications management co-published by PRSA.Register Today!$190 PRSA Member$290 NonmemberClick here for registration details: http://www.prsa.org/_Advance/seminars/110904flyer.pdf