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Misurare la presenza in rete: un teleseminario PRSA

PRSA TeleseminarMeaningful Measures for Web Sites and IntranetsTuesday, January 24, 20063:00 p.m. ETDuration: 1 hourEveryone knows you shouldn't measure hits. But what should you measure? This seminar covers a number of measurement techniques to track the usage and usability of your sites. It also identifies other research methods that demonstrate the role your intranet is playing in achieving your organization's business results, and in meeting your audience's needs for information.This session will help you:- Learn what measures of site usage are most important for you and management to base decisions on.- Translate reams of usage data into key metrics that you can effectively track over time.- Utilize focus groups and survey techniques to determine how electronic channels can help your organization achieve its business goals.- Calculate the ROI on various elements of your site.You Will Hear From:Angela Sinickas, ABC, is president of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international consultancy helping organizations achieve business results through focused diagnostics and practical solutions. A pioneer in the field of organizational communication measurement, Sinickas has been measuring the effectiveness of communication since 1981. Her prolific publications and speaking engagements worldwide have made her name synonymous with measurement. She is the author of the manual How to Measure Your Communication Programs and a regular columnist for the magazine Strategic Communication Management.Register Today!PRSA Member: $150Nonmember: $250Click here for registration details: http://www.prsa.org/_Advance/seminars/Meaningful_Measures_for_Web.pdfOnly one registration per site is required. Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to the call. Your registration entitles you to one telephone connection. Invite as many people as you wish to listen to the teleseminar on your speakerphone.Registrations must be in writing.  Fax your completed form to 212-460-5460, or mail to PRSA Registration, 411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003