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Cattura il lettore: il prossimo teleseminario PRSA

PRSA TeleseminarRev Up ReadershipAugust 18, 20053:00 p.m. ETDuration: 1 hourAmericans are bombarded with 3,000 messages a day - more than a million messages a year. Your challenge? Surmount that avalanche of information effectively to reach your readers. Pull more readers into your copy. Learn how to use presentation copy - headlines, decks, subheads, captions and callouts - to make your piece more inviting to flippers and skimmers.You'll learn:
- A three-step system for communicating to the segment of your "readers" who spend only 30 seconds to three minutes with your piece.
- How to create a headline package that captures your readers' attention and sells them on the story.
- How to know when your headline is too long.
- The presentation element that many communicators drop - and why you need to make sure you include it in every piece.
- How to use a dollar bill to make your copy more reader friendly. 
You Will Hear From:
Ann Wylie, president, Wylie Communications, Inc. has served on all sides of the PR "desk": a PR pro in an agency, a corporate communicator for Hallmark Cards Inc., an editor of a nationally acclaimed executive magazine and a consultant with her own firm. Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki and from Portland to Paris, helping communicators in companies like Sprint, Reader's Digest and The Mayo Clinic. She helps organizations like FedEx and Sprint PCS launch or improve their communication vehicles and find new inspiration for their work. 
Register Today!PRSA Member: $150Nonmember: $250Only one registration per site is required. Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to the call. Your registration entitles you to one telephone connection. Invite as many people as you wish to listen to the teleseminar on your speakerphone.Click here for registration details:http://www.prsa.org/_Advance/seminars/081805.pdf Registrations must be in writing.  Fax your completed form to 212-460-5460, or mail to PRSA Registration, 411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003