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Le relazioni pubbliche polacche a confronto dal 25 al 27 settembre 2006


Ecco invito e call for papers.

The Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice - Department of Humanities - invites to the Conference "Public relations the art of effective communication in theory and practice". Wisła - The "Stok" Hotel - 25 27 September 2006.Patronage: The Polish Public Relations AssociationBasic informationThe PR FORUM 2006. Public relations the art of effective communication in theory and practice Conference is organized by the Department of Humanities, the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics, Katowice, Poland, for the third time. The Conference is addressed to the wide environment of scholars and practitioners of public relations, both from Poland and abroad.
The previous Conferences revealed the existence of many problems relating to effective and efficient communication faced by the participants of the social life. They also proved the importance of the integration of specialists working in the field of public relations as researchers, teachers and practitioners.
This year's Conference aims to promote public relations and discuss current issues both in the field of research and in public relations practice, in Poland and in other countries.
The main theme of the Conference is very broad, this year, however, the PR FORUM will particularly focus on the role of media in communication, public relations in politics, corporate image creation, international and ethical aspects of public relations.
Special discussion panels will be held in order to present the problems and achievements of PR practice and discuss then in the light of PR theory:
I. Creativity in public relations: vision and improvisation or a plan?Issues:
1. The professionalism of the public relations specialist involves the skilful combination of creativity and regularity in his work.2. The need to develop an image creation programme imposes some routine on the PR specialist's activities.3. Can PR activity be based entirely on the creative approach?
II. Cooperation of PR specialists and journalists and its traps.Issues:
1. Conflict between PR specialists and journalists is illusory. The actual issue is the toxic relationship between these two groups, as they are mutually dependent.2. Do model rules of cooperation with the media exist?3. Codes of good practice can help effectively manage conflicts between these two professional groups.
III. New challenges in public relations: corporate social responsibility and PR ethics.Issues:
1. Scandals and the unethical conduct of business people force PR specialists to look for new methods of image creation which will allow to change negative opinions about private entrepreneurs and businesses.2. Today the public relations specialist has to face the negative stereotype of his own industry.3. What are sources of the negative image of PR? Ethically, or even legally, controversial PR activities are one of the reasons.
Hounorary PatronageMarshal of the Silesia Voivodship - Mr Michał CzarskiRector of the University of Economics prof. dr hab. Florian Kuźnik
Hounorary CommiteeProf. zw. dr hab. Krystyna WojcikProf. zw. dr hab. Henryk PrzybylskiDr Krystyna DoktorowiczMr Piotr Czarnowski, President, FIRST Public Relations
Key Issues1. Theoretical problems of public relations.2. The role of media in public relations communication.3. Image and identity creation.4. International public relations.5. Public relation in politics.6. Ethical aspects of public relations.7. Problems and achievements of PR practice and PR theory.
Conference Organisation1. The conference will be held from 25 to 27 September 2006 in the Stok Hotel, Wisła, Poland.2. Participants are expected to arrive on 25 September 2006 in the afternoon.3. Sessions will be held in the form of presentations and discussion panels. Papers positively reviewed will be published in the Conference publication.
Guidelines for Submission1. Speakers and participants are requested to register for the Conference and submit the title of the paper and its abstract to 15 August 2006. The full text of the paper (together with the disc Microsoft Word for Windows 98 or XP) should be submitted to 31 August 2006.2. The registration is valid upon the payment of the conference fee.3. The conference fee 900 PLN should be paid by bank transfer to 15 August 2006 into the following account:
Bank Śląski S.A. Oddział w Katowicachnr 65 1050 1214 100 00007 00007974Please state "PUBLIC RELATIONS CONFERENCE" as the purpose.
4.  Travel costs are covered by participants.5. The registration can be cancelled to 31 August 2006. Late cancellation does not entitle to the refund of the conference fee.Organising Commiteedr Renata Mackowska, e-mail: maren@ae.katowice.pldr Bogumiła Baranska, e-mail: baranska@ae.katowice.pldr Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska, email: adamus@ae.katowice.pl
Conference secretarymgr Katarzyna Wachstiel, e-mail wachstielkasia@wp.pl
Contact Address The Department of HumanitiesThe Karol Adamiecki University of Economicsul. 1 Maja 50, 40-287 Katowice PolandPhone / fax: 0 (48) 32 25 77 500e-mail: naukihum@ae.katowice.plHere the Registration Form