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Le ultime segnalazioni da SpinWatch


Israele alla ricerca di una nuova immagine; Blair alle prese coi fantasmi della guerra; gli Usa paladini delle corporation. Ecco alcune chicche segnalate da SpinWatch:

Blair: Haunted by the The Ghosts of War by Andy Rowell, 9 May 2005No matter how long he stays Prime Minister, whether it is just for one year or a full term of office, one thing is certain. Tony Blair will continue to be haunted by the legacy of the Iraq war and the ghosts of dead British servicemen. They follow him everywhere he goes. And now they could land him in jail as a war criminal.

Government spin: Israel seeks PR help for image makeoverPosted on Monday, May 09 @ 07:18:21 EST HaaretzBy Akiva EldarIsraeli missions abroad and the Foreign Ministry are hoping to "rebrand" Israel by focusing less on the regional conflict and more on Israel's achievements in science, culture and other areas

Human rights: It's official - US corporations are completely ethical!Posted on Saturday, May 07 @ 22:35:43 EST (22 reads)Online Opinion By Surya Deva"US corporations, whether working at home or abroad, are held to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and respect for human rights". Sounds too good to be true! Here is the US explanation (pdf file 68.9KB) explaining why it voted against a resolution on human rights and transnational corporations (TNCs) adopted by the UN Commission on Human Rights (CHR).