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FERPI key facts June/July 2007

Comin's Election as FERPI President
Gianluca Comin, Head of External Relations at Enel (Italy's largest electricity company), is the new President of FERPI (the Italian Federation for Public Relations). He was elected by the assembly of the FERPI members last June,9th  in Rome.
The program for 2007-2009 the new Presidente submitted to the Assembly focuses on 4 priorities
·      Getting more influence and representation;
·      Setting up a younger and more vital Federation;
·      Get more members across the country joining the Federation;
·      Implementing more international activities, comparing methods and communication practices in an increasingly global world.
For further information, contact Mr. Enrico Fantaguzzi at: enrico.fantaguzzi@ferpi.it
Ronel Rensburg guest in Italy
Both Head (since 2000) of the Department of Marketing and Communication Management and President of the School of Management Sciences of Pretoria University (South Africa), Ronel Rensburg is a highly influential personality in African public relations today. She was guest of FERPI in  Milan from July, 11th  to July, 14th  for several focused meetings. Ronel held a seminar for Italian doctoral students at IULM University on Current Dynamics of Public Relations in sub-saharian Africa.
As Chair of the PRISA Accreditation Board (Public Relations Institute of  Southern Africa), Ronel also took part in a seminar with Ferpi's Accreditation, Education and Professional Training  Board, chaired by Gianpaolo Gironda.
Finally, as President of the Southern Africa Institute for Management Scientists (SAIMS), board member of the Ron Brown Institute (RBI) for the enhancement of business incubation in Africa and member of  the NEPAD Committee (the organization of Arican States for the economic development) for the communication of small and medium size firms, Ronel attended another meeting with the Ferpi working group, organized by Sissi Peloso, dedicated to a communication project for small and medium size firms.
For further information contact Mr.Enrico Fantaguzzi at: enrico.fantaguzzi@ferpi.it
Italy's offer for public relations education analysed by Emanuele Invernizzi on July 17
The seminar for the presentation of first outcomes in the research on  the country's educational offer in PR and Corporate Communication field was held on July,17th in Milan. The objectives were to evaluate the first research results, with particular reference for the curricula, generalist vs. professionalizing, and to discuss comparisons between results and existing needs in the profession.
For further information you can contact Prof.. Emauele Invernizzii at: emanuele.invernizzi@iulm.it
"Network of Networs" Project
The Central Government Project "Network of Networks for local development" promoted by FERPI and other Italian professional associations was presented in Rome in mid July. Initiated in June with the formation of a Promoting Committee of established and diversified it prepared a first protocol open to the contributions of all actors involved in local development.
The objective is to increase cooperation amongst all subjects who operate to ensure infrastructural and cultural conditions functional to a sustainable local development and act to bring out the value of the emerging role of local autonomies. The Committee operates to support the definition and the adoption of relationship models and shared norms in order to put into action knowledge and know-how exchanges for the improvement and the innovation of public action and to produce integration of policies, relieving of processes and procedures, administrative simplification and effectiveness in results.
The Committee will work mostly at the creation of a shared contacts database of subjects interested in training activities, guidelines for public procurement, evaluation and measurement activities of the results reached by actors and communication and relationship processes.
For more information contact Mr Giuliano Bianucci at: retedireti@sistematerritorio.it
"Oscar di Bilancio"
FERPI promotes the annual edition of "Oscar di Bilancio", its unique and established national award for best cases in organizational reporting procedures. Since 1954, the event has been the major propulsion to improve the culture of transparency in all kinds of organizations. For further information, please contact Ms Gherarda Lucchini at:
Motion on ethics by FERPI Assembly for CERP meeting
During the last FERPI General Assembly  on June 9th a motion was approved which focussed on: 
- Developing  the role of  CERP, of whom FERPI in member represented by Gianni Rizzutti, vice President;
- CERP President and Board of Directors are required to promote an "inter Associations Committee on ethics and self- regulation on  Professional Behaviour". In Italy, at the beginning it should include associations representing agencies; advertising professionals, journalists, public sector communicators, internal communicators and university communicators.- CERP President and Board of Directors should promote a meeting with representatives of PR Associations of other European countries, at least France, Germany, Spain, Slovenia and United Kingdom to create an "European Council on Ethic and Professional Behaviour" within CERP. The council should integrate different ethics codes, promote ethical behaviours in the Public Relations amongst all PR professionals, also those who are not members of any local association.
For further information, please contact Mr. Enrico Fantaguzzi at:  enrico.fantaguzzi@ferpi.it
CSR Network
CSR Manager Network gathers managers and professional people that in organizations of every field and dimension- are involved full or part-time in CSR issues.
It answers to two fundamental needs:
-  to create a working table to analytically compare experiences, identify ways to improve and to innovate, to know the most evolved experiences in Italy and abroad;
-  to dispose of a representative organ to face the political world, the entrepreneurial delegations and the trade unions, the associations and non profit reality, able to intervene in the national and international debate.
To CSR Manager Network adhere CSR managers of organizations operating in Italy:
- managers involved in different functions (Communication, Administration, Human Resources, Internal Audit etc) responsible for issues related to CSR;
- managers completely dedicated the CSR.
Among the different activities, the Network organizes an international seminar (open to newcomers, too) and at least 5 workshop per year only for registered members, from 10,30 a.m. to 4,30 p.m., with the following characteristics: focus on operative aspects, speech of the Network members, eventual participation of Italian and foreign experts on specific topics, discussion about the presentation and the critical synthesis of the workshop results.
In addition, the Network administrates an Internet forum (with restricted access) divided into thematic areas.
For further information, please contact Mr Roberto Zangrandi: roberto.zangrandi@enel.it.
Preparing for professional activity
This program is inspired by the similar experiences elsewhere typical of the Anglo-Saxon world: to offer methodolgies and practical skills in planning and implementing relationship systems in private, social and public sector organizations with specific reference to corporate communication in its different specializations.
The course was created to answer the emerging request for a technical-operative preparation of the newly graduated and of the junior professionals.
For further information, please contact  Gherarda Guastalla Lucchini ggl@g2g.it 
Corporate and Culture Award"
"Premio Impresa e Cultura" (Corporate and Culture Award) puts on the spot and encourages small, medium and large companies that realise cultural projects combining business results and benefits to the territory and the community. In its ten editions, the Prize has seen the participation of 1,000 companies, becoming a kind of certification of quality for companies that has overcame the traditional practice of the occasional publicity and that are seeing in the investment in culture a strategic resource of development able to give content to the social role they are expected to play. To coincide with the Corporate and Culture Award, the Forum Culture and Enterprises took place, with the topic "Enterprise and Culture in Europe. A Trend map."
More than 100 meetings have been organized in the last few years by the Sistema Impresa e Cultura (Enterprise and Culture System) on the whole national territory in collaboration with Industrial associations, Local Authorities, Universities. During the Forum the fifth publication of the Book series Culture and Enterprises was presented: it is a special Touring Guide dedicated to the cultural investments in Italy. The Guide proposes an inedited itinerary to discover the protagonists of the best Italian experiences, collected trough the ten editions of the Prize.
For further information, please contact Bondardo Comunicazione at info@bondardo.com
Workshop about corporate voluntary service
A workshop promoted by Enel Cuore Onlus and Fondazione IBM Italia to make a point on the topic of  corporate voluntary service in Italy, on benefits of those initiatives to the community, to make incentive and needs stand out both from the corporate world and the Third Sector, also through the experiences of companies and employees, their active participation through the use of their competences or simply of their time.
One first part of study in depth, with three participations, is expected in order to explain: the scenario of voluntary service in Italy (Nereo Zamaro, Responsible of the Istat Statistics Service on Public Institutions); corporate voluntary service and its characteristics (Prof. Luciano Hinna, teacher of Economics and Company Administration and Public Administration); which are the exigencies that stand out from the Third Sector and the voluntary service (Giulio Theodoli, General Secretary of FIVOL). After that there will be the round table, moderated by Gianni Milesi, President of CESVI and FERPI delegate for communication in the Third Sector; some companies will present their experiences, in particular: Enel, IBM, Vodafone, Nokia and Novatis Italia. As significant as that is the participations of the associations in order to find more space to comparison and to facilitate dialogue between companies and Third Sector.