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Le ultime da SpinWatch


La newsletter di SpinWatch, news, ricerche e report per svelare le trame degli spin doctor

The SpinWatch Newsletter features the latest news on spin and propaganda culled by Spinwatch and our users from the global media.
But first the original SpinWatch content:Bush Brain, a film review by A. Michael Greenwell.At last! A film about a spin-doctor. Well, not quite. Karl Rove is the US Alasdair Campbell (or Alasdair Campbell is the UK Karl Rove I haven't decided yet). This biopic of him has a few pertinent points but fails to convince in the way it sets out to.
Launched this week:SpinWatch Election Blog, by Andy Rowell and David Miller, 5 April 2005The 2005 British General Election finally got under way, Tony Blair named Election Day as the widely expected May 5th.Over the next month, expect to be inundated by politicians from every party who will be uttering various pieces of political spin, which contain half-truths and total untruths.SpinWatch hopes to track and expose the worse political spin, whatever political party it is issued from in the Election blog.And:The Controllers of BFBS Radio and BFBS TV have responded to the SpinWatch article revealing the use of 'fake journalists' on the BBC.Check David's Unspun blog to see what they had to say.
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